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Documented Evidence Requirements

Salary Packaging Benefits

Salary packaging is an employer provided benefit where you and your employer agree to forego a portion of your income for ‘other’ non-cash benefits. This portion of your pre-tax salary is ‘sacrificed’ in return for employer provided benefits. These non-cash benefits include payment of an employee’s mortgage repayments, rent, reimbursement of credit card purchases and other living expenses with pre-tax dollars.

To qualify for salary packaging the employee must provide evidence that their salary packaging payments are for legitimate personal expenses (e.g. loans, rent, school fees, rates etc.). SalaryPackagingPLUS require each employee to submit a copy of their evidence.

Upon the commencement of your salary packaging arrangement and each year thereafter, SalaryPackagingPLUS check and update the employee packages to ensure the evidence is valid. This is called the annual review.

Benefits Included

Type 1 Benefits (GST Inclusive Expenses):

  • Household Utility Bills
  • Vehicle Running Expenses, e.g. Fuel, Maintenance, Insurance – Home & Contents Insurance
  • Domestic Travel

Using these expenses as evidence will result in the reduction of the amount able to be salary packaged under the capped limit. SalaryPackagingPLUS recommends using the MyCardPlus Living Expenses Card to pay for these expenses.

Type 2 Benefits (GST Free Expenses):

  • Mortgage Repayments
  • Personal/Car Loan Repayments – Rent
  • Credit Card Purchases
  • School Fees / HELP Payments – Child Care Expenses
  • Medical & Dental Expenses
  • Council & Water Rates
  • Private Health & Life Insurance

The evidence of either one or a multiple of the above expenses can be submitted to make up the value of your annual capped limit amount.

Meal Entertainment & Venue Hire Benefits

  • Meal Entertainment
  • Holiday Accommodation & Venue Hire

The above expenses can be salary packaged in addition to your annual capped limit and are subject to an aggregate limit of $2,649.00 per FBT year.

Type 3 Benefits (Fringe Benefit Tax Exempt)

  • Remote Area Housing (Conditions Apply)
  • Novated Car Lease (Conditions Apply)
  • Employee Superannuation Contributions (Salary Sacrifice)
  • Work Related Notebook or Laptop Computer (Conditions Apply)

The above type 3 expenses are exempt from FBT and can be salary packaged in addtion to your capped limit amount.

Evidence Conditions

The salary packaging benefit offered by your employer is related only to the expenses incurred by you, your partner or your dependent.

Generally, evidence can be back-dated up to 12 months. However, you are only able to claim expenses that you have paid for whilst employed at the organisation.

The evidence you provide cannot be resubmitted or reused.

Evidence can only be submitted for expenses that you or a member of your household have paid for.

Evidence Required

For most “fixed” expenses, one copy is sufficient evidence to enable SalaryPackagingPLUS to calculate a regular fixed deduction from your pay:

Fixed ExpensesEvidence Required
MortgageLoan statement showing minimum payment required
Personal/Car LoanLoan statement showing minimum payment required
RentTenancy agreement or statutory declaration or letter from landlord stating amount & frequency due
Health InsurancePayment schedule or letter from insurer

If the expenses vary, i.e. line of credit, interest only loans, council & water rates, or credit card purchases, a copy of the ongoing bills/payments are required by SalaryPackagingPLUS to determine the value of the evidence:

Variable ExpensesEvidence Required
Credit Card PurchasesCopy of statements showing all purchases made (cash advances not included)
Redraw and Interest Only Loans12 months bank statements showing interest paid
School FeesCopy of invoice for each term
Child CareCopy of tax Invoice or statement of account
RatesAnnual rates notices
Medical or Dental ExpensesCopy of invoice for each visit

Evidence Submission Procedure

A) Your evidence should be supplied with your Salary Packaging Application Form when applying to commence a salary packaging arrangement. Simply attach your evidence to the form and mail, fax or scan/email to SalaryPackagingPLUS.


B) Download and complete an Additional Evidence Form or complete the Online Form. Simply:

1. Complete the form as required:

  • Your contact details
  • List the expenses you are providing evidence for
  • Total your evidence for each expense
  • Attach evidence to the form

2. Sign declaration and post, fax or scan/email to SalaryPackagingPLUS.

It is necessary to confirm that you acknowledges the compliance requirements when submitting your evidence. If you do not sign the declaration or fail to complete the form, your claim will not be processed, and will be returned to you for completion.

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