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Meal Entertainment


The Meal Entertainment benefit allows you to pay for your dine-in meals at any café or restaurant in pre-tax dollars in addition to capped limit benefits.

The following expenses qualify for this:

  • Any dine-in meals for two or more people at restaurants, cafés, bistros, clubs or pubs in Australia or overseas.
  • Catering costs for events where the sole or predominant purpose of the event is the consumption of food and drink. For example, a wedding reception, birthday or engagement party (a tax invoice from a catering business or reception needs to be supplied).

Is There a Limit?

Yes. A combined annual limit of $2,649 applies for meal entertainment, holiday accommodation and venue hire. These benefits are reportable and the grossed-up value will appear on your Payment Summary.

Meal Entertainment Does Not Include

  • Self-catered events
  • Groceries and supermarket expenses
  • Bottle shops
  • Dine-in meals that only include one person.
  • Light refreshments, such as a chocolate bar, bag of chips, coffee and cake (claims made under $15)
  • Take-away or drive-thru meals
  • Beverages alone, such as alcohol or coffee
  • Entertainment items, such as theatre or movie tickets
  • Receipts older than 12 months

Evidence Required

Tax invoices that meet the definition of the meal entertainment benefit are required for all claims.

The tax invoice must show:

  • The date
  • Business name and ABN
  • Itemised list of meals

EFTPOS transaction receipts will not be accepted and foreign invoices must be in English and accompany a credit card statement showing the purchase in Australian dollars.

The meal entertainment expense must be paid for by yourself or a member of your household, where it is deemed to be a joint expense. Meal invoices can be back-dated up to 12 months and can only be claimed if you have paid for the expense whilst employed at the organisation.

Claim Procedure

OPTION 1: Apply for a MyCardPlus Meal Entertainment Card.

The MyCardPlus Meal Entertainment is a great option if you don’t want to collect receipts and complete claim forms. Just choose the amount you want paid onto the card in each pay-day and then use the card to pay for your meals.

Applying for the card is simple:

If You Are Already Salary Packaging:

  1.   Complete an amendment form requesting to apply for the Meal Entertainment Card and the amount you would like to salary package towards meal entertainment.
  2. The card application form will be emailed to you for completion.
  3.  Once completed, your Meal Entertainment Card will be ordered and posted to you within 7-10 business days. Simply activate your card to start using it.

If You Are New To Salary Packaging:

  •  Apply for your salary packaging arrangement by completing an application form.
  •  Choose the amount you wish to salary packaging towards meal entertainment and any other benefit.
  • Return your completed form to SalaryPackagingPLUS for processing.
  • Your salary packaging arrangement will be set up and the card application form will be emailed to you for completion.
  • Once completed, your Meal Entertainment Card will be ordered and posted to you within 7-10 business days. Simply activate your card to start using it.

OPTION 2: Collect your receipts and complete a manual claim.

  • Go to the Claim Centre and use the online form to make your claim, or download and complete a Meal Entertainment Claim Form.
  • If you use the online form, you can simply upload your receipts and submit them.
  • If you download the claim form, you can send your claim (and receipts) to our office:

By Email:

[email protected]

By Fax:

1300 885 470

By Post:

SalaryPackagingPLUS Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 7066

Need Help?

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